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A Metropolitan Funeral Service Obituary for:
Louise Ruffin
January 18, 1928 - May 13, 2021


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The following obituary was composed by Maggie’s daughter:

SUNRISE January 18, 1928 SUNSET May 13, 2021

Dear beautiful Louise entered this world the child of James Eliott Bailey and Addie Mae Wilson in Bullock County, Georgia.

She moved to New York as a teenager to help her ailing sister Janie care for Janie’s daughter Linda. After a few years Louise traveled back to Savannah Georgia and married George Washington Ruffin (circa 1940’s). The newlyweds moved to Philadelphia to start their family. She birthed 3 children: George Jr (deceased) Eric Leon (deceased) and Robin Ruffin Graham. She had 4 sisters: Janie, Ruth, Ruby, and Martha. Linda, Brenda, Johnny, Wednesday, Eliot, Phillip, Steven, Whilamena, Madison, James, Tiffany, Eric, Ray Jr, Pam, Phillip, Doug, Charles II, Brandon, Lauren and nieces, nephews grands and great grandchildren are her surviving family.

Her niece Brenda remembered as a child, wanting to be just like her aunt Maggie, who she pictured as a black beautiful Queen who dressed impeccably. Louise was a natural herbologist before the term became popular, knowing how to use plants for health purposes, poly and ester were no friends of hers, she loved finer clothes made of silk and satin and the like. She enjoyed sewing and taught her daughter how to crochet. She kept an immaculate home and always put her family first. Every morning her favorite son-n-law Charles would make her laugh by bringing her morning coffee and saying “it’ll put hair on your chest mom “and she’d quickly respond “I don’t want no damn hair on my chest“ then bust out laughing! Her last true friend on this earth Ms. Ollie, had befriended Louise and was like a sister for over 70 years, and must be mentioned. Louise was a proud woman who never complained and demonstrated high self esteem, and was worthy of respect! Louise will be truly missed and never ever forgotten and loved.

Due to concerns from the COVID 19 pandemic, there is no furneral, a simple cremation and private celebration of the life of Louise “Maggie“ Ruffin!

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